Scholarship Funding

In December, Gov. Matt Bevin made a plan to invest $15.9 million in fast-track skill certifications for those who have graduated from high school, or have earned or are earning a GED,  but not earned a college degree, through the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship. In other words, these funds will ensure tuition assistance to allow a Kentuckian of any age to pursue education for a career in a field of tremendous job opportunity at one of 21 participating colleges and universities.

Where did this $15.9 million come from? It was allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly during the 2016 legislative budget session. Kentucky statute outlines how this money flows through the general fund.

Since 1999, Kentucky Lottery proceeds have been dedicated to funding college scholarship and grant programs like the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES), the Dual Credit Scholarship, the College Access Program Grant (CAP) and the Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG).

To date, more than $2.8 billion has been raised for these programs since 1999. Click here for more information on how these funds are being used.