Owensboro Community & Technical College

 Advanced Manufacturing ARC Welder
Automation Technician
AWS National Skills Standards Level I
Communications Technician
Computer Maintenance Technician
Digital Telephony Technician
Electro-hydraulic Technician
Electronics Technician
Electronics Tester
Exploratory Machining I
Fluid Power Mechanic
Gas Metal ARC Welding
Gas Tungsten ARC Welding
Industrial Electronics Technician I
Industrial Electronics Technician II
Industrial Maintenance Electrical Mechanic
Industrial Maintenance Machinists Mechanic
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level I
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level I
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level II
Instrumentation Technician
Machine Tool Operator I
Machine Tool Operator II
Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Technician
Pipeline Welder
Presswork and Die Maintenance Technician Level I
Presswork and Die Maintenance Technician Level II
Production Line Welder
Robotics and Automation Technician
Shielded Metal ARC Welding
  Tack Welder
CNC Machinist
Combination Welder
Computer Maintenance
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Maintenance Technician
 Business/IT Accounting
Accounting Recordkeeping Specialist
Advanced Business Administration
Business Communication
Business Transfer
CIT Fundamentals
Computer Support Technician
Computer Tech Basic
Computer Technician
Data Entry Operator
Digital Forensics
Equine Business Management
Financial Assistant Clerk
Financial Assistant Trainee
Financial Perspectives
Financial Record Keeper
General Business
Information Security Specialist
Integrated Office Skills
Microsoft Enterprise Administrator
Microsoft Network Administrator
Mobile Apps Development
Network Technologies Specialist
Payroll Accounting Specialist
Productivity Software Specialist
Small Business Management
Social Media Specialist
Supervisory Management
Team Leadership
Web Administration
Web Programming
Organizational Leadership
 Construction Trades Domestic Air Conditioner and Furnace Installer
Electrical Construction
Electrical Motor Control Level I
Electrical Motor Control Level II
Electrician Trainee Level I
Electrician Trainee Level II
Environmental Control System Servicer
Environmental System Repair Helper
Refrigeration Mechanic
Residential Electricity Level I
Residential Electricity Level II
Electrical Technology
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Mechanic
 Healthcare Advanced Imaging in Radiography
Advanced Nursing Assistant
Electronic Health Records Specialist
Emergency Medical Services Paramedic
Emergency Medical Technician
Hospital Admissions Specialist
Medicaid Nurse Aide
Medical Coding
Medical Scribe
Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Unit Coordinator
Pharmacy Technician I
 Transportation & Logistics Agriculture Equipment Mechanic Helper
Automotive Electrician
Construction Equipment Mechanic Helper
Diesel Engine Mechanic
Diesel Mechanics Assistant
Diesel Steering and Suspension Mechanic
Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic
Fluid Power Mechanic
Heavy Duty Brake Mechanic
Heavy Duty Drive Train Mechanic
Medium and Heavy Truck Mechanic Helper
Mobile Air Conditioning Mechanic
Preventive Maintenance Mechanic
Tune-up Mechanic
Undercarriage Mechanic
Agriculture Equipment Technician
Automotive Parts/Service Writer
Automotive Technician
Construction Equipment Technician
Medium and Heavy Truck Technician