Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) assess injuries, administer emergency medical care and transport injured or sick persons to medical facilities. This is a high-demand field of work in Kentucky with 190 annual projected job openings. The average annual wage for an EMT is $29,660.

Find out if you are eligible for tuition-free training as an EMT at one of the following schools through the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship:

Gateway Community & Technical College

Hopkinsville Community College

Jefferson Community & Technical College

Madisonville Community College

Maysville Community & Technical College

Owensboro Community & Technical College

Somerset Community College

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College

2 thoughts on “Emergency Medical Technicians

  1. I have no college experience. I recently left the military. I do not wish to use my G.I. Bill for this program, but was always interested in first responders. I had CLS classes as well as TCCC classes,but understand they do not transfer over. Just inquiring about EMT training regarding my information

    1. If you contact the Kentucky Community and Technical College System school in your area, they should be able to talk you through the transfer process.

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