Robotics Technicians

There are 370 job openings in Kentucky annually for robotics technicians. The average annual salary for this high-demand occupation is $55,610. Robotics technicians build, install, test and maintain robotic equipment and related automated production systems. This is a new occupation and new job opportunities are very likely in the future!

Certifications are available at:

Hopkinsville Community & Technical College

Henderson Community and Technical College

Jefferson Community & Technical College

Southcentral Community & Technical College

Southeast Community & Technical College

Maysville Community & Technical College

Owensboro Community & Technical College

Somerset Community College

West Kentucky Community & Technical College

Find out if you are eligible to obtain a robotics technician certification tuition-free through the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship.

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  1. I was an aeronautical engineer in the navy and just moved back here to KY what are the courses required for this robotics technician job?

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